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Thank you letter from Zhengzhou Xuzhou Chamber of Commerce

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Jiangsu Junde Medical Equipment Technology Co., Ltd.:

Recently, the land of the Central Plains has encountered abnormally heavy rainfall. The precipitation in many parts of the province has broken historical records. The water level of some reservoirs has exceeded the flood limit. Many cities such as Zhengzhou and Xinxiang have suffered serious waterlogging and the situation is extremely severe.

The flood is ruthless and people are compassionate. In our moment of crisis, your company carried forward the spirit of “one party is in trouble, all parties support”, and timely extended a hand of friendship and assistance. The government donated 200,000 masks and other relief materials, which fully demonstrated your company's great love. We are sincerely grateful for your support!

Thank you again for your concern and help! Congratulations to your company for a prosperous business and full wealth!


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