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The difference between sterile and non-sterile masks

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The difference between non-sterilized masks and sterilized masks lies in the presence or absence of the finished product sterilization process. Other indicators such as filtration efficiency or airflow resistance are all required to be the same. Non-sterile masks are also strictly controlled and managed according to medical device management methods. They are sufficient to meet the daily protection needs of the public, but they cannot be used in medical work such as ICUs and operating rooms that require strict control of microbial environments.

The sterilization of medical masks are all sterilized by ethylene oxide, divided into sterilization type and microbial limit index ≤200cfu/g, packaging identification has sterilization or sterile words, and has surface moisture resistance, synthetic blood blocking Performance, that is, the function of preventing blood and body fluid splashing, etc., medical protection requirements. It is mainly used for clinical protection work or invasive operation of medical staff.

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