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Masks should be cleaned and disinfected every day?

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Masks should be cleaned and disinfected every day. Both gauze masks and air filter masks can be disinfected by heating. The specific approach is:

1. Cleaning. First rub the gauze mask gently with warm water and soap. The bowl-shaped mask can be gently cleaned with a soft brush dipped in detergent, and then rinsed with clean water. Please be careful not to rub it hard, because if the warp and weft gap of the gauze is too large, it will lose its anti-dropping effect.

2. Disinfection. Soak the cleaned mask in a 2% peracetic acid solution for 30 minutes or boil it in boiling water for 20 minutes or steam it in a steamer for 15 minutes, and then dry it for later use. This method is suitable for gauze masks and bowl-shaped masks.

3. Check. Before using again, you should carefully check whether the masks and face shields are still in good condition. For gauze masks and face shields, you can take the light transmission method, that is, take the light in front of the lamp to see if there are obvious light spots. The middle part and the edge part are transparent. Is the rate consistent? If in doubt, replace it with a new one. In any case, masks and masks are generally updated after cleaning 3 to 7 times, and masks of particularly good quality can be cleaned 10 times. Activated carbon adsorption masks should pay attention to regular replacement of the activated carbon interlayer. If the activated carbon interlayer is not replaceable, it must be replaced after 7 to 14 days. This type of mask cannot be reused after cleaning.

Handle properly

Daily use of masks should be handled properly. Masks used by patients or used during care should be placed in a lined container in the patient room before processing

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